Sydneyplus 5 Equities Fund

Investing made simple while sustaining maximum capital growth at low risk

Sydneyplus 5 Equities Fund is a private equity fund that invests in the best performing shares of the top 300 Australian stocks listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). Usually, equity funds invest in shares that form part of an index. Such funds buy all the stocks participating in such an index. The number of shares bought in each stock reflects the ratio with which that stock participates in that index. Accordingly, such funds deliver at best an equivalent performance or capital growth matching the rise or fall of such an index.

Sydneyplus 5 Equity Fund goes beyond such methods and models. Our fund buys and holds stocks as long as they fulfil the capital growth criteria that we have developed and very successfully implement over the past 20 years insuring a positive performance. Our fund identifies the shares listed on the ASX that have the most potential to produce above average returns with minimal risk in the next up coming market phase. Our fund invests a major part of its funds on shares within the ASX 100 and the rest in shares listed on the ASX 200 and ASX 300 indexes. Our fund does not distinguish between, short, middle and long term investing. During favourable market conditions our fund is invested up to 100% in the share market. At times of an unfavourable stock market environment our fund holds its assets in cash.

Sydneyplus 5 Equities Fund perceives greed and fear as the biggest risk factors that rage over the markets. Our fund utilises these dominating risks to improve its portfolio performance. Our fund perceives trading periods in which fear and panic dominate as buying signals and those of overconfidence as a signal that the selling period is approaching.   

News and Recommendations

   Current Market Perception 

   The vicious bear market cycle is  
over!  We are at  the beginning
  of the   next major (mega) bull  
  market. The time is ripe to enter
  the market & buy  stocks. They
  should be a few rough patches 
  along the way! Now is the time
to plan with a bull market for the
  next 10 years!

   Index Targets

                         Short / Middle      Short / Middle 
Low               High        
    All Ords      4'600            5200       5'400
   Nasdaq       2'100            2380       2'500
Dow (DJ)   10'100          11’000     11'300


Short Term Stock Picks
All Ords: SDL, AOE, SIP, CTX

   All our favourites are to be found in


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Our Current Performance Target Strategy

Short term investing   ▬► 10% return
Middle term investing
▬►  20% return
Long term investing  
 ▬► 35% return

Our Current Investing Cycle
buy   hold  
  go long   sell   go short  cash
███  ███    ████   ███    ████    ███

Our Current Trading time frame 

Short term investing   ▬► 4 weeks
Middle term investing
▬►  3 months
Long term investing  
 ▬► 9 months

The Current Stock Market Climate
     Low                            High
Market Risk                █ █ █ █ █ █ █  █ █ █ █ █
Return on Investment    █ █ █ █ █ █ █  █ █ █ █ █
Portfolio Volatility         █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █  █ █ █ █

Sydneyplus 5 Equities Fund  
. Above average return on your investments
. Methods and models used result in below
   average risk on
your investments.
. A simple and transparent equities fund.
. Entry and exit prices fixed at market close 
   every Monday

. An ideal vehicle for your retirement plans
.   …..more

Sydneyplus 5 Equities Fund
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Our Expectations 2010/11
(as issued on the 27.12.2009)

Index Targets
                                Low        High  
All Ords    4'600 –   6'300
Nasdaq      2'100 –  3'100
3. Dow (DJ) 10'100 – 13'400

Stock Picks

All Ords (Expected Year Highs)
        1. BSL (5.20)       AWC(2.90)
FMG (7),         ORI (40)
MQG (75)        AMP (9.80)  
4. ANZ (30)         GFF (2.10)
LLC (13),        BHP (55)
WBC (33)        RIO (92) 

Nasdaq (Expected Year Highs)
1. ETFC (3.60)    PMCS (13)
NTAP (49)      INTC( 29)
EBAY (34)      CSCO (33)
BRCM (44)     XLNX (33)
MSFT (40)      YHOO (22)

       Sydneyplus 5 Equities Fund  
           does not invest in markets
                  outside Australia

Our Current Investing Strategy

(as issued on the 27.12.2009)

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Making Investing Simple at Low Risk! 

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